Join me on my ML Journey from novice to expert! with some nomadic meanderings along the way.


I will be using affiliate links on my blog. Thus, according to the US rules of the FTC, I have to write a “Disclosure Policy” to inform my readers.

I will make money when my visitors click on a link and create an account on the website the link follows. Sometimes, this can only be when the created account switches to a paid version.

I may accept some free products and write an unbiased article about it. I only do this if I endorse the product 100%. My opinion will always be truthful and will never be influenced by receiving a product for free. If you are a company and would like us to work together, Contact me

Earning a little money allows me to maintain this blog.

There is no consequences for you if you click on one of my affiliate links. All it will do is earn me some commission, so THANK YOU!