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New Bing chat mode in Skype

New Bing chat mode in Skype

Guess who just showed up on Skype.

It’s Bing’s AI chat!

“Microsoft is excited to announce the integration of the new AI-powered Bing into Skype chat. This new experience is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and creative source of information, inspiration, and answers to your questions, all through a simple chat interface.”

— Skype, Microsoft

Microsoft is thrilled to introduce the integration of the advanced AI-driven Bing into Skype chat. This exciting new feature is engineered to deliver a wealth of information, creativity, and solutions to your queries, all via a user-friendly chat interface. Whether you need inspiration, and answers, or simply wish to explore, Bing has got you covered now.



Bing AI in group chat too

With Bing, you can now elevate your conversations with friends and family directly in your group chat. Whether you need to settle a bet with a swift and informative search, share a chuckle, or kick off a new project, Bing is capable of comprehending and communicating seamlessly in over 100 languages.

Spice up your Skype conversations with Bing’s repertoire of entertainment options such as jokes, poems, stories, games, and quizzes. In addition to that, Bing can also facilitate discussions on topics ranging from weather, sports, news, trivia, and beyond, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for you and your loved ones.


We’ve had very limited experience with the Bing chat integration in Skype so we are not sure yet how far Bing will let a conversation go.

However, we have already encountered the type of response Bing will give when the conversation cannot continue.


Bing in Skype error message.


The Good

  • You get to see your full chat history and can search it – this is something ChatGPT also offers to a degree, but the AI chats in Bing and Edge do not.

The Bad

Nothing yet.

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