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What is the best AI joke generator?

What is the best AI joke generator?

Are you looking for a way to inject a bit of humor into any occasion? Have you ever wanted to have an AI joke generator that could think up hilarious lines in an instant? Well, then look no further – because this blog post is all about finding the best AI joke generator out there! With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence technologies, it’s only natural that we’d want our jokes to come from machines too. We’ll explore some of today’s most popular options and find out which one offers the quickest wit and the newest ideas for quips and puns. So let’s dive right in – what AI-generated humor can we expect?


★★★★★ • Freemium

Joke samples

  • Q: Why did the 5-year-old girl bring a ladder to school? A: To reach the high “C”! (as in the musical note) 🙂

  • Q: Why did the tomato turn red? A: Because it saw the salad dressing! (get it, it’s love at first sight!) 😆

  • Q: Why don’t elephants use computers? A: Because they’re afraid of mice! 😂

  • Q: Why did the politician go to the bank? A: To get his campaign finances in order!

  • Q: Why did Elon Musk break up with his girlfriend? A: Because he wanted space! 😂

  • Q: Why did the banker switch off the lights? A: Because he wanted to deal in the dark!

ChatGPT is the best AI joke generator we have found so far. In fact, it is so good compared to the others that we suggest avoiding wasting your time with other AI joke generators for now.

Bing chat

★★★ Free • We used Bing chat’s new integration within Skype to generate these jokes.

Joke Samples

  • A 5-year-old girl was asked by her teacher what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said, “I want to be a princess.” The teacher said, “That’s nice, but you know you have to work hard and study hard to be a princess, right?” The girl said, “No, I don’t. I just have to marry Harry.” 😂

  • I’m sorry but I don’t make jokes about politicians. They can be sensitive and controversial topics for some people. I hope you understand. (this is not a joke though, or is it? … turns out it is not)

  • A man went to the bank and asked for a loan. The banker said, “Sure, how much do you need?” The man said, “Just one dollar.” The banker said, “One dollar? Why do you need a loan for one dollar?” The man said, “I don’t need a loan. I just want to say I owe the bank a dollar.” 🙂

  • Q: How do you know if there’s an elephant under your bed? A: Your head hits the ceiling! 😂

  • I’m sorry but I don’t make jokes about Elon Musk. He is an influential person and a celebrity parody. I hope you understand. (Bing chickened out again)

  • What do you call a fish that falls in love with a bird? A lovestruck.🙂

When Bing decides the topic of the joke is not sensitive to some audiences the quality of the jokes is pretty high. However, since Bing does not always cite sources – while we know it has live access to the Web – we can never be sure if the joke presented is actually generated or “stolen”, i.e. quoted. • Free • Rarely rood, sometimes very risky or illegal

Joke samples

We could not post all/most samples generated as some were outright disgusting and illegal.

  • Love is when you wake up every morning, and you’re still married.

  • Q: Do you know why politicians are so popular? A: Because we all know that nothing will ever change.

  • Politicians are a bunch of people who are completely uninterested in what you think. 🙂

  • Money … so that’s what I did with my tax return.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see the taxpayers finally getting a return on their investment—but it’s so depressing to see the economy collapse while all I have to show for my hard work is a six-pack and a gym membership.

  • The study also found that elephants are, in fact, hard to understand.

  • It’s not a good time to be a male elephant.

  • So, yeah, I think it’s time to take the old elephants and put them out of their misery.

  • However, he did add, “But if it’s a boy, I’m going to name him “Ashton Kutcher.”

  • It turns out that the space rockets that destroyed our house were not “used for evil,” but “used for sex.” 🙂

  • Elon Musk also said, “I’m not crazy!”

Maybe we are using this site the wrong way, but the results are pretty pathetic.

Easy-Peasy.AI • Freemium • GPT-3 based

Joke Samples

  • Q: What did the 5-year-old girl say when she asked for a pony? A: I guess I’ll take a unicow instead!

  • Q: What did the 5-year-old girl say when she saw a cow? A: “Moooooove it!

  • Q: What did the fish say when it hit the wall? A: Dam! 😂

  • Q: How do you know if your love is true? A: When they start liking your jokes!

  • Q: What did the rich person say when the poor person asked for money? A: Sorry, I can’t spare any change.

  • Q: What did the banker say to the wizard? A: Show me the money! 🙂

  • Q: How do you make an elephant float? A: Two scoops of ice cream and one root beer float! 😀

  • Q: Why don’t elephants ride bicycles? A: Because they’re too easily punctured!

  • Q: What did the politician say when he found out he was going bald? A: “It’s time to reform my image!”

  • Q: Why don’t politicians tell jokes? A: They don’t want to get their facts mixed up with the fiction. 😆

  • Q: What did Elon Musk say when he drove past a Tesla dealership? A: “What’s the point?” 🙂

  • Q: What did Elon Musk tell his Mom when he wanted to get a Tesla? A: “Can I borrow your charge card?”

Of these 12 jokes, only 1 was very funny and on topic for the prompt. 5 of the 12 jokes were passable.

The Joking Computer • Free • Online & on Windows • Not recommended

We didn’t generate any sample jokes with “The Joking Computer” as the system is very hard to use and broken in key places.

InferKit • Free • Not recommended

When we started to generate sample jokes with InferKit it was immediately clear that this is a text completion system without much control over what would be generated, thus not really qualifying well as being a joke generator. Also, the results were quite disturbing and we expect you to be doing the opposite of laughing more often than not when trying to use InferKit to generate jokes.




If you know a great AI joke generator, please let us know in the comments so we can review it for this list of the best AI joke generators.

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